Our peyment method is Paypal.
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Shipping method & Schedul

Shipping schedule : Mon~Fri. (Thailand time)
Ship by register air mail with tracking number in small envelop.
10 things about register air mail you should know.

The process of shipping by register air mail are :
1. Register air mail take 15-30 business days to arrive, usually it's will arrive so fast just in one week but sometime it's take more time that that, the delay delivery it's not depend on shop but depend on 'post office'.
2. if parcel didn't arrive in 30 business days please contact me and I'll put investigate form in this case, I'll provide all evident to Thai post office, keep calling and tracking this case for you and will inform you if there comes any news about it.
3. The investigation state take 45-60 business days to come out with result, it's 'Post office' standard procedure because Thai post office have to wait the answer from destination's post office...the timing depend on both side of country to work together not depend on seller, one thing for sure is they have to answer us in 60 business day as they promise.
4. After 60 business days If the result is 'parcel get lost' the post office will take full responsibility to refund money back to seller then the seller will refund money back to buyer or if buyer still want the set seller will send it again with out cost anything.
5. If the result is not 'lost' and it's not seller's mistake...such as buyer provide wrong address or buyer didn't be there when delivery man at their home and they reject this delivery....the parcel will return to seller in 2 month and buyer have to pay for shipping cost again to get this parcel.
6. In some country such as USA, they are so strictly checking in foreigner parcel to protect bomb mail, terrorism or biological weapon by 'random', please don't wonder why sometime you get your parcel so quick but sometime not.
7. Customs department could cause the delay too, I usually found out that the parcel trap in customs department for long time to collect tax without inform receiver until they done with it.
8. Register air mail is cheap and safe way to ship, they are provide tracking number and require signature when delivery, they're traceable and they refund back when it 'lost', only drawback is it's can be delay sometime but from my experience it will arrive eventually, I'll use investigation to poke post office to do their jobs.
9. Please note that I'm nothing to do with delivery process, my duty is off after I send your parcel at Thai post office...the rest is on post office jobs. Please don't blaim me when it delay. Just contact me if you not receive it in 30 days and I'll apply investigate form and do everything until you get your parcel.
10. If you read to this point and feel like this shipping method is not good enough and want something better than this, I suggest EMS method, it's guarantee 7 days arrive, just let me know and prepare for higher shipping cost .

any other question please feel free to ask at Q&A board.

The measurement of the clothes.

I make MSD girl's clothes base on U-noa size,
U-noa measurement is :

Height 44 cm
Eyes 12 mm
Head around 16.5 cm (6.5 inch)
Flat Chest around 16. cm
Large Bust Around 17.5 cm
Under Par Bust 14 cm
Waist 13 cm
Hip 19 cm
Shoulders 7.5 cm
Sleeve Length 12.5 cm
Leg Length 20.3 cm
Foot Size 5.5 cm
If your doll are not U-noa please check the measurement before order.

I make SD girl's clothe base on SDgr,
SDgr measurement is

Hight 58 cm.
Bust 23.5 cm.
Waist 16.5
Hip 25.5 cm.
arm 19 cm.
lege 29.5 cm.
feet 6*2.5 cm.

*SD10, SD13, SD16 can wear my SD clothes.

How to contact me?

E-mail : wimukt@hotmail.com
Also contact me at Q&A board
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